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LLP Registration

By Wednesday, 05-June-2019

Responsibilities of Designated Partners

The LLP Act, in order to simplify the compliance with the otherwise minimal procedural formalities prescribed under the Act, places the responsibility to discharge them on the certain partners only if the LLP so chooses, to be called as ‘Designated Partners’.  Section 7(i) of the Act envisages the number of such Designated Partners to be atleast two.  These partners should consent to act as such.  It is necessary to designate such partners’ even it at the time of incorporation of LLP since there is a column in Form No. 2 along with Form No. 9 which is mandatorily to be filed in LLP Registration

A change in these particulars, at a later stage is to be filed in Form No. 4.  These designated partners are also to obtain Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN) even if they had already had a Director Identification Number (DIN).  However, if no Partner of LLP has been intimated to the Registrar as Designated Partner, very partners of LLP would be deemed to be a Designated Partner LLP Registration.

Amongst the designated partners, atleast one must be an Indian Resident which means that a non-resident partner could also be appointed as Designated Partner.The carious obligations laid down in the LLP Act has to be fulfilled solely by the Designated Partners by filing the required information through the relevant forms prescribed by the Limited Partnership Rules, 2009 LLP Registration.