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One Person Company

By Wednesday, 03-July-2019


                       The promoter of a company may be an individual entrepreneur or a group of them or a body corporate or bodies corporate engaged in efforts to bring into being a company.  They have the power of defining the object of the company and deciding various matters for the internal regulation of the company proposed to be incorporated.  The various steps which a promoter will have to take for the formation of a company are explained below One Person Company Registration:

                    Basically a company cannot register itself by a name which, in the opinion of the Central Government, already been registered and is in existence.  Further a company cannot select a name which is identical with or too closely or nearly resembles the name of an existing company in the country generally or which is identical with or too nearly resembles a registered trade mark or trade mark which is subject of an application for registration of any person under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 . The Central Government, before deeming a name sun desirable One Person Company Registration. 

               It will be recognized that close similarity in name will not only mislead and clause confusion to the public but will also cause injury to the business of any of the companies concerned.  (Ewing V. Butter cup Margarine co.ltd (1917)2ch.1) For the guidance of the promoters and other, the Central Government has formulated detailed guidelines laying down the principles that will be taken into account for deciding availability of names.  These guidelines may be seen in Appendix 6/99 dated f13-5-1999, the text of which is quoted separately in this chapter Private Limited One Person Company Registration.