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LLP Registration

By Thursday, 25-July-2019

LLP – Registration :-

Inclusion of words ‘industries’/’business’

The objection to allow inclusion of words like ‘Industries’ or ‘Business’ may not hole good in the present context LLP Registration.

Name giving misleading impression ;-

                  It is likely or intended to produce a misleading impression regarding the scope or scale of its activities which would be beyond the resources at its disposal, the name will not be allowed. For example names like Water Development Corporation of India (Private) Ltd., Teleflex of India (Private) Ltd., All India Sales Organization Ltd., Inter Continental Import and Export Company Ltd., etc. should not be allowed LLP Registration.

                When the authorized capital is small and the scale of operation is also limited words like ‘International’, ‘Hindustan’, ‘India’, ‘Bharat’, ‘Continental’, ‘Asiatic’, etc. may be allowed only if the scope and scale of business of the proposed company justify the use of similar words. However, the words like ‘Jai Hind’, ‘Jai Bharat’, ‘Nave Bharat’, ‘New India’, etc LLP Registration.

               Included in the proposed name need not stand the same test as ‘Hindustan’, ‘India’, etc. Where the words ‘Bharat’, ‘India’, etc. if stated in brackets before the words ‘Limited’ or ‘Pvt. Limited’ it need not stand the same test as words like ‘India’, etc. put at the beginning of a name LLP Registration.

 Inclusion of a State in name of Non-government Company:-

If the proposed name includes the word ‘State’ along with the name of the State such as Kerala State Company Limited, the same will not be allowed as it would give an impression of the State Government participating in the share capital of the proposed company. However, if only the name of a State is included without the addition of the word ‘State’ in the proposed name, it may be allowed as it is not likely to give the impression that the company has the State Government’s interest in it LLP Registration.